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Lets Take A Hike To An Anasazi Indian Ruin
Camping, then the Hike Back, Page 8

At Campsite

After all that hiking and climbing, its time to set up camp, eat, fill out your journal and mark the rolls of film. Those sleeping bags you brought are going to be looking real appealing right about now. Get some rest for that early start tomorrow.


Trust Me! Hiking down this 1000 foot Mesa yesterday was a lot easier then hiking back up it today. Take the time to look back at the view when you stop to rest. The switchbacks are long and steep so you will be resting a lot.


Look at these two. It's mid-afternoon, it's hot and they're tired. But they still ham it up for the camera. You're almost at the top, but not quite there yet. I hate sounding like a broken record, but just look at that view.


Finally at the top and happier than shit. There is still a little ways to go to get to the parking lot, but at least your out of the canyon.


Ater getting to the car these two were on their way to the San Juan Inn in Mexican Hat, Utah. It is just North of the Navajo Reservation and it has a full service Bar. It's not a clean bed or shower these two are looking forward to, it's the Liquor. The foods not bad either.

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